Classic Transport, Inc. offers qualified drivers a chance to join cross-country driving programs that feature the joys of the open road and participation in flexible programs with substantial income and benefits. Join more than 600 drivers who currently haul travel trailers, fifth wheels, utility trucks, Class C motorhomes, and more to destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Let’s explore the driving options with Classic Transport.

How to Qualify

The requirements are simple. Drivers must first meet specific federal and/or state requirements, including proof of age, driving record, citizenship, and physical qualifications required for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle.

Work on Your Schedule

Choose a driving schedule that works for you. Classic Transport’s programs are flexible, offering each driver freedom, flexibility, and business opportunities. Qualified individuals utilize Classic Transport’s Transportation Referral Programs to schedule long hauls that match their schedules. Finally, the pay and benefits are exceptional.

  • Driveaway Referral Program

The Driveaway Referral Program uses qualified drivers to drive to destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Classic Transport supports major companies like FedEx, UPS, Bimbo, and Frito Lay, which are always looking for logistical help. 

While providing these critical support functions, you will be able to select the times and places that match the demands of your schedule.

  • Towaway Referral Program

If you own a three-quarter-ton truck or larger, you can choose when, where, and how to travel with the Towaway Referral Program. Additionally, drivers can enjoy the freedom to choose when and how to provide these driving services. 

Jobs may include hauling travel trailers, fifth wheels, and other items to pre-determined destinations. RV manufacturers like Thor and Forest River are always searching for ways to transport their units to individual dealerships around the country.

Certain accessories or add-ons are necessary and must meet the safety requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Safety: Classic Transport’s Top Priority

Classic Transport provides in-depth training for its drivers to help them maintain safe driving habits and transportation techniques. The company also monitors each driver’s compliance with the safety requirements of the open road.

Additionally, the best part is that Classic Transport offers incentives at various mileage levels to motivate each individual to perform at their best.

Keeping you safe is Classic Transport’s top priority. The company takes pride in consistently low accident rates and limited cargo damage. Applicant qualifications include limited moving violations and accidents, regular physical examinations, drug tests, and periodic Road Tests as required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations.

Apply at Classic Transport 

Are you looking for a change of pace or an opportunity to build your career in vehicle transportation? The driving options for Classic Transport offer many exciting possibilities. Allowing you to fit your lifestyle and allow you to enjoy the many benefits.

Visit the Classic Transport website, learn about the company, and select the Apply Today button to learn more about your opportunities. 

The application is straightforward and includes items like past work history, driving record, and other driving-related requirements. Applicants should also have no recent suspensions or violations and will need to pass a drug test to qualify.

Check it out and take the opportunity to appreciate the open road, see new places, and enjoy outstanding benefits with Classic Transport.