Our reputation rides with every Classic Transport driver. That’s why we maintain such high standards for professional, responsible, courteous drivers.

In our driver recruitment program, we look for applicants who meet the following qualifications:

Equipment requirements – Towaway Single Pulls

Towaway drivers provide their own 3/4-ton or 1-ton trucks (10 years or newer). Accessories and add-ons, including fifth wheels, hitches and receivers, must meet weight, tolerance, and safety requirements:

Safety items required:

Equipment requirements – Towaway Multiples

Standard Classic Transport requirements listed above, plus:

For Truck and Trailer combo:


For Haul and Tow:


Equipment requirements – Driveaway

Most Driveaway drivers live in parts of the country other than northern Indiana. These drivers use a variety of transportation options to return to dispatch centers after delivering vehicles.

Buses, planes, trains, and rental cars provide appropriate sources of return transportation. In many cases, these transportation options offer discounts for national passes, senior citizens, or companion fares.

Nearly half of the Driveaway drivers tow personal vehicles to allow them flexibility with their return travels.

Tow car requirements: