Are you looking for a new career that offers security, high pay, and a chance to see more of the country? If so, you may want to consider long-haul driving. Here are the benefits of being a Long-haul driver: earn a competitive income while enjoying the stability and benefits of the growing demand for goods transported in the USA and Canada. 

Here are some of the key benefits that long-haul drivers enjoy.

1. Job Security

Transporting essential goods and services to others is an integral part of how the country operates. Trucking is still the most efficient way to move products, and demand continues to grow. Long-haul drivers are in high demand to meet the needs of the population. This means you can expect to have work any time you look for it.

2. High Pay

Depending on experience, most long-haul drivers earn consistently high pay plus occasional bonuses. In fact, long-haul drivers often earn more than a typical college graduate without having to spend the time and money at a university. However, some vehicles will require additional licenses that you will need to obtain before you can drive them.

Furthermore, many companies guarantee equal pay for all, which means long-haul driving can be an exciting and rewarding option for both men and women.

3. Travel Opportunities: Visit New Places

Most drivers may not know where they will end up next, and that’s part of the excitement. The destinations will often be places you have never seen before.

There is no better way to see the country than with trips that span the entire continent. With an opportunity to visit places you never anticipated, drivers may explore new locations in different cities and towns during their downtime.

4. Schedule Flexibility  

Many companies work hard to provide a positive work/life balance that makes the career more enjoyable. Drivers can often choose the timing and destination of their work so they can enjoy the necessary time with their families. 

Enjoy the freedom, income, and valuable experience created by the opportunities of long-range transport. You will be performing a useful service while exploring the scenery of the country, having new adventures, and relishing many of the delightful spots that you would otherwise never have seen.

Contact Classic Transport

If you are interested in the opportunities and benefits of being a long-haul driver and own your own ¾ ton or one-ton truck, Classic Transport has an opportunity for you. With the Towaway Referral Program, drivers pull travel trailers, 5th wheels, and other trailers to specific destinations. Classic Transport coordinates the driving services with customers needing these services for delivery to destinations in the United States and Canada.

Unlike other companies, Classic Transport has no minimum mileage requirements. This means their drivers have the freedom to choose how often they provide driving services. Learn more about Classic Transport and their driving programs today.