Besides the freedom and a chance to see parts of North America you have never been to, Classic Transport drivers receive a range of competitive incentives that are not always available from other companies. The incentives available are why so many drivers stay with Classic Transport for the long haul.

Driver retention is critical to Classic Transport’s success, and their incentives play a large part in keeping their drivers. The company’s programs offer rewards for outstanding performance, excellent fuel management, flexible scheduling, and more.

Extensive Benefits from Classic Transport

As a Classic Transport driver, you can choose which jobs you would like to take. This means you can work a schedule that fits your lifestyle and other commitments. 

Here are Classic Transport’s current incentives, with each one set to recognize superior performance from drivers.

Competitive Settlements 

Classic Transport offers competitive rates to their drivers plus a range of incentives to those who “go the extra mile.” Keeping a group of satisfied drivers always available is vital to Classic Transport’s success, so pay rates are competitive.

Incentives at Various Mileage Levels

As each driver accumulates mileage, Classic Transport offers additional monetary incentives to encourage them. The more miles you drive, the more you can potentially earn.

Driver Appreciation Week event

Classic Transport’s success is a result of the efforts of its drivers. Each year, the company recognizes their contribution and designates a week to honor the drivers’ commitment and contributions.

Advance on Fees for Services

To help minimize the expense of fuel and other costs of driving long-haul routes, Classic Transport advances 50% of the fee for service before each trip. This action allows the driver to cover the cost of the trip without dipping into their own funds.

EFS Card-facilitated Compensation

To help prepay expenses and advance the balance of fees immediately, Classic Transport issues an EFS Credit Card to pay for expenses and costs while on the road. Over 12,000 truck stops across the United States recognize EFC cards making the driver’s job easier.

No Forced Dispatch

Traveling and working on your schedule is one of the benefits of linking up with Classic Transport. Select the routes that are interesting to you and see what you would like to see. Driving to new areas can be fun and offer many new opportunities to explore the country.

Immediate Settlements

There is no waiting several weeks after the route for your compensation to be paid. Half is paid upfront to you before you start to cover trip expenses, and the balance is paid as soon as your job is finished. No waiting, which means you can have better financial stability.

Fuel Surcharge

Fuel costs fluctuate daily, sometimes up dramatically. During periods of extremely high fuel costs, Classic Transport may provide additional funding to cover the added expense.

Dispatch & After-hours Pick-up

The Classic Transport team will always make sure your pick-up is available and ready on time, even on weekends. This minimizes waiting around and makes each job flow effortlessly from start to finish.

Safety is Classic Transport’s Priority

Classic Transport emphasizes safety with all drivers. As part of the intensive recruiting process, each driver is carefully screened for prior tickets and accidents, as required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Furthermore, all drivers must undergo a physical exam and participate in drug testing protocol. Road tests are also a part of the initial screening process.

In-depth training programs help Classic Transport drivers maintain safe driving habits and transportation techniques. 

Becoming a Driver for Classic Transport

To learn more about this flexible, dynamic opportunity, visit Classic Transport. Learn what you need to do to apply, how to get started, and how you can participate in their flexible Driveaway and Towaway Referral Programs.