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Hotel Discounts

Introducing the Comdata Hotel Network

How often do you stay in a hotel while you’re on the road? And how often do you end up paying full price for your room? Or maybe you end up sleeping in your truck because you don’t have a credit card. Would guaranteed hotel discounts help?

With hotel discounts through Comdata, never pay full price for a hotel again!

Comdata has partnered with CLC Lodging to bring you discounts with thousands of hotels nation-wide. By using the Comdata Hotel Network app – available for both iPhone and Android – you can find your hotel AND your guaranteed rate. It’s just that easy!

Better yet, you can use your Comdata card to pay for your stay, so you don’t need to have another form of payment unless you order room service or pay-per-view. Drivers all over the country are using Comdata’s hotel discounts to save AT LEAST 20% off their hotel stays. In some cases, they’re saving even more!

Check out these numbers!

These are REAL numbers from other Classic Transport drivers. Just look at how much they’re saving.

Hotel Discounts with Comdata

Comdata Hotel Savings Summary

So, how about it?

Are you ready to start saving money? It’s pretty easy.

Step One: Download the Comdata Hotel Network app to your smartphone, available both on Google Play and the iTunes App Store. Sign in using the last 5 digits of your Comdata card AND your driver code (not your truck number).

Step Two: Search for a hotel in your area using the app and call from the app to make your reservation. The price on the app will be what is charged to your card.

Step 3: Present your Comdata Card to the front desk when you check in. You may need to show the clerk the CLC ID Card image on the app or tell them to swipe the card like a CLC Lodging CheckINN card.

That’s it! Hotel discounts through Comdata are just one more way we’ve made it easy for you to drive for Classic Transport.

Hotel discounts with Comdata

Comdata Hotel Network

Referral Bonus

Spread the word!

Take advantage of our referral bonus program!

Did you know that if you refer a qualified driver to Classic Transport, we will give you a referral bonus for them? That’s right! Classic Transport will give you $150 for each qualified new driver that you refer to us. All they have to do is attend orientation and take at least one trip. They’ll get a sign on bonus, too – so you’ll both have extra money in your pockets.

Who should you talk to?

Think of your friends and family, or your neighbors. Do they have their own RV or like to travel? Do they have family in other parts of the country that they want to visit? Maybe they have a few vacation spots left on their bucket list and want to see the country. Perhaps they’re newly retired and don’t know what to do with all their free time. We can help with that!

When you’re delivering a truck or motor home or trailer for us, how many people do you stop and talk to at hotels or truck stops? When you go on vacation, how many RVs do you see at rest areas? All of these are people who might be interested in joining our team!

Picture from a driver who has a received a referral bonus

Laramie, Wyoming – submitted by Marty G.

Recruiting is always available to answer questions, but the best people for new drivers to talk to are you, our current drivers! You’ve got the experience that new drivers need to hear about. Just make sure that the people you talk to put your name on their application, so we know who to give the referral bonus to when they sign on.

What are you waiting for?

Both Driveaway and Towaway are extremely busy, and we can use all the help we can get. So tell your friends, your family, your neighbors… Tell people you meet at truck stops and rest areas, and spread the word about driving for Classic Transport!