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Driveaway Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in our Driveaway division…

Our Driveaway contractors provide driving services for the over-the-road movement of Class C motorhomes and utility trucks for companies like Forest River, THOR, UPS, FedEx, FritoLay, Sara Lee, Time-Warner, and others. Everything that we deliver is made locally in the Elkhart, Indiana area, so most trips start from our local yard. We also have a seasonal yard in Ladson, South Carolina for FedEx and FritoLay trucks.

Some commonly asked questions include:

  • How much does it pay?  Compensation for each trip is based upon the mileage between the origin/destination and the rate per mile. All compensation will be reported annually on Form 1099 (T4A for our Canadian contractors) and no taxes are withheld. Contact the Recruiting department for our current rates. Because we have a not-forced dispatch and our contractors set their own schedules and choose their own trips, we are not able to provide an average annual or monthly income.
  • Who pays for the fuel?  Drivers pay for their own fuel. We have a fuel surcharge built into our mileage rate and offer you 50% of your trip compensation up front for your use as necessary to deliver the unit accepted by you for delivery to the destination.
  • How do you get back?  About half of our drivers prefer to tow their own small cars behind the customers’ units. That way they can take their time returning home. You are also able to travel by bus, train, plane, or rental car. We do have a contract with National Car Rental that allows our contractors to pay one flat rate per day, no limit on mileage.
  • What kind of car can I tow behind me?  The total towing weight of your vehicle (including any tow equipment) must not exceed 3500 lbs. Generally speaking, smaller standard transmission cars are perfect. We will inspect your tow equipment during orientation to ensure you are able to tow your car safely and legally.
  • Can I sleep in the unit?  The vehicles we deliver must be delivered in new condition. If you were buying a new motor home, you wouldn’t want it to have already been used by somebody. Sleeping bags and bedrolls are generally permitted, but the customer prohibits the use of the bathroom and/or kitchen facilities of the unit as if you were going camping. We also have corporate discounts with national hotel chains to make it easier to find affordable accommodations for your trip.
  • Where do you deliver to?  We deliver throughout the U.S. and Canada and offer a not-forced dispatch, so you are able to set your own schedule and choose where you’d like to go from what we have available. If you are not able to enter Canada or simply prefer to stay in the States, we are able to accommodate you. If you are a Canadian citizen, you will be limited to delivering in Canada unless you possess a U.S. permanent resident card.
  • Can I drive seasonally?  Yes, you may. Some of our contractors are teachers or farmers or snowbirds and only drive during certain times of the year. We do ask that if you plan to be gone for more than a couple months that you let your dispatchers know what to expect.
  • Do you hire Canadian citizens?  Yes, we do contract Canadian drivers!
  • What happens during orientation? During our two-day orientation we will sign your retention paperwork, send you for a drug screen and DOT physical (if you don’t have a DOT physical already), take you on a road test unless you’ve already completed one for a CDL license, and send you through our CSA and log training class. By the end of the second afternoon of orientation you will be ready to take your first trip!
  • What do I need to bring with me?  Make sure you bring:
    • Driver’s License
    • Social security card or birth certificate or passport
    • DOT physical and medical card if you have them
    • Money for a hotel, food, transportation around town, and for the drug screen and physical. Contact Recruiting for the clinic’s current pricing structure.
  • Do I have to keep a log book?  Yes, we are still required to abide by DOT’s hours of service requirements, keep log books, and go through the scales when they are open.
  • Can I have a passenger or bring my pet?  No – pets and passengers are not allowed in the Driveaway division.

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